Glimpses about Him – The Lord !

Param Bholanath

Lord Param Bholanath entered into his mortal frame of body on the holy day of 25th December, 1908, at village Mejia of Bankura district in West Bengal. Amarnath Mukhopadhyay, a pious man, was His father and His mother was holy Sarashibala Debi. He led the life of a teacher in a school of Howrah district, in the same state. As such, he passed by the name of “Mastermasai”.

The above statement gives only the commoner’s view about Him – it neither reveals His inner self nor the purpose for which He came to this world. He was in essence a manifestation of divinity in a human being. His purpose was to develop the latent spiritual qualities in the humanity.

His inner self was established in its full glory when the cosmic sound “OM” descended from the heavens and touched Him. There after the holy mother “Durga” – the mother of the creation, appeared before Him and charged Him with Brahma-Jnana – the supreme consciousness. This incident occurred in Baishakhi Sukla Chaturdasi in the year 1943 A.D. He immediately merged with God. The enlightenment already in Him flourished to its full and the fragrance of His soul spread in all directions.

Param Bholanath did not have a preceptor like other people. His revelations were spontaneous. He gave more importance to suppression of His inner self rather than its exposition. His external life was not full of incidents. But his internal life was continuously traversed by spiritual revelations and cosmic sound “OM”. He exposed to his disciples only a small fraction of what He experienced. For the common people, He has advised utterance of the name of Kali and Shiba – the mother and the father of the creation. His disappearance occurred in the Sukla Chaturdasi of Ashwin, 23, 1400 Bangabda (28th October 1993).