His Disciples



Jibananda Mukhopadhyay

Jibananda Mukhopadhyay held high post in the police department. He was an officer of IPS cadre. He came to Param Bholanath in his late fifties. He was introduced to Bholanath by his cousin brother Biswanath Mukhopadhyay, who was already a frequenter to Bholanathat that time.

Besides being a very capable and efficient police officer, Jibananda was a Yogi. He had many revelations before he came to Bholanath. The fire of spiritualism already in him was intensified by Bholanath. Within a very short span of time he reached the top of the ladder in spiritualism. By the blessings of Bholanath he could have many more revelations. Holy light from eternity descended upon him like a dove- he could hear the cosmic sound ‘OM’ incessantly. Almighty mother appeared before him in her various forms- he could also see almighty father Shiva.

These religious attainments could not make him boastful. He attributed all the credit to his GURU i.e. Mastermasai. He used to say in Bengali, his mother tongue, “Holota Ki?”, which translated to English is “What has happened?”.

He superannuated soon after he came in contact with Bholanath and spent the rest of his life in the practice of Yoga and meditation. He expired just before he could become a nonagerian.

Everyone in the Bholanath school of religion remembers him with great reverence.


Biswanath Bandyopadhyay

Biswanath was a police prosecutor. He worked at Banksal court in Kolkata. He was known to be a very honest officer. He came to Bholanath at his early fifties, being introduced to him by his brother Amarendranath. Before a couple of months, Biswanath was initiated by Acharya Karunamoy Saraswati. At the point of time he was introduced to Bholanath, he began to be disillusioned about Karunamoy. He felt that it would be rather difficult for him to reach the kingdom of God by practicing yoga and rituals as advised by Karunamoy. He felt that he was not that endeavouring and he was looking for someone who could lead him to eternal life without much effort. He found in Bholanath just what he was looking for. Bholanath preached the principle of swatah-yoga to him, which in essence is a principle of self-surrender and devotion to God to get attuned to Him. This principle very much attracted Biswanath. He practically left Karunamoy, his first preceptor, and had a life-long attachment to Bholanath and his religious teachings.

Bholanath regularly visited his house at Nather Bagan of kolkata along with his disciples while Biswanath and the inmates of his family became highly enlightened. They served lord Bholanath to the best of their capability on every occasion of a visit.

Biswanath was highly knowledgable in Brahmavidya (knowledge of the absolute) and Bholanath-tattwa and preached the same to everyone he met till the end of his life. He demised at his late seventies. Nothing is known about his own revelations.


Amarendranath Bandyopadhyay

Amarendranath Bandyopadhyay was an electrical engineer. He held the post of foreman (electrical) at Jhargram Polytechnic while he was introduced to Bholanath by Amarnath Sanyal, who happened to be a lecturer at that institute. Amarendranath was a great devotee and had a strongly religious mind. At that time, he was looking for someone who could bring forth the glory and bliss of eternity to him. In his quest for a Guru, at first, he went to Acharya Karunamoy Saraswati and got initiated by him. But after he met Bholanath and got Brahmajnana (the knowledge of the absolute) from him along with his blessings, he felt that it was no longer necessary to be in touch with Karunamoy and he left all connection with him. He had a lifelong attachment to Bholanath and his school of thought. In course of time, he had many revelations- his Kundalini Sakti (the innate power within an individual coiled up like a snake and in deep slumber) woke up, he could see Jyoti (the holy light) and could hear the cosmic sound “OM” from within.

He continued to worship God, and by the passing of time he became a great saint. He grew himself to be a religious teacher and guru (preceptor). A large number of men and women from different walks of life got initiated by him and became his disciples. Some of them also had their own revelations.

One of his disciples Ramesh Mondal has erected a beautiful temple at Tegharia of Kolkata, where Kali and Shiba, the eternal mother and father, are regularly worshipped along with Amarendranath, his guru and Bholanath his param guru (preceptor of the preceptor).


Narasingha Bandyopadhyay

Narasingha Bandyopadhyay worked in the Reserve Bank of India, Kolkata. Premchand Pain, his colleague was already attached to Bholanath. He brought him to the feet of Bholanath in 1978. Immediately Narasingha got permanently attached to this magnetic personality. At that time he was in a sorry plight of mind due to early demise of one of his sons and he was looking for someone who could console him and lead him to a state of mind in which one may remain undisturbed and unaffected by any kind of loss whatever it may be. Narasingha felt that Bholanath was the right man for this. He looked at him like the manifestation of Narayana, the father of the universe.

After coming in contact with Bholanath, he began to serve him by all possible means. He served him with his self-cooked food, laundering his clothes, etc. and accompanied him everyday for pretty long hours. He had many revelations but he did not support any disciple. He lived in self-contentment and self-sacrifice. He had very close contact with another great devotee of Bholanath, Dr. Swapan Bandyopadhyay. He was also closely associated with Amarnath Sanyal, a first regime devotee of Bholanath, with whom he made ‘istagosthi’ (conversation about the desired almighty in order to concentrate upon him and meditate.) He demised at his late seventies.


Bibhutiranjan Misra

Bibhutiranjan Misra was a govt. officer in the State Transport Dept. He was deployed at Coochbihar while he used to stay in Coochbihar hotel. Eventually, Amarendranath Bandyopadhjyay also stayed in the same hotel while he joined State Electricity Board as a High Tension Superintendent. In course of conversation, he mentioned the name of Bholanath before Bibhutiranjan and made a detailed discussion about him and his teachings. At this time Amaranth also went to Coochbihar hotel to meet Amarendranath and stayed there for two days while he also spake of Bholanath before Bibhutiranjan. All these conversations inspired him and kindled the light of spiritualism in him. Bibhutiranjan expessed his desire to meet Bholanath and, after getting his permission, he was brought to him by Amarendranath. Bibhutiranjan got stuck to Bholanath as an object of iron gets stuck to a magnetic clutch.

Already a pious man of Calvinistic nature, Bibhutiranjan became very soon a great devotee. He remained extremely close to Bholanath and a for ever companion during the tenure of his life. He had very close link to Amarnath, Amarendranath, Dr. Swapan Banerjee and Achintya Maharaj. He stayed in the house of Achintya and was looked after by him while he fell ill. The disease could not be cured and he breathed his last at a nursing home of Calcutta in his sixties.

He remained confined in his own self and spoke nothing about himself. So nothing is known about his revelations.


Dr. Swapan Bandyopadhyay

Dr. Swapan Bandyopadhyay was a scholarly doctor who came out from Calcutta Medical College with flying colours, but he never became a medical practitioner. He came in contact with Param Bholanath while he was a house surgeon. At that time Amarnath Sanyal, was a frequenter to Bholanath. He immediately became strongly attracted to Bholanath and his disciple Amarnath. Within a short span of time he had many revelations of God. On one occasion, he was detached from his mundane body by the spirits and was taken to heavens where he could see the gods and goddesses and then he was sent back to his body. He could see jyoti (the holy light) and mother Kali while in a conscious state. All these revelations, and the company and teachings of Bholanath, completely changed his personality. The celestial fire already in him got greatly intensified.

He relinquished his professional possibilities- he neither had a chamber nor he practised as a doctor. He was sent to U.K. for higher studies by his father who had been a rich lawyer. But Dr Bandyopadhyay came back to India without completing his postgraduate studies. He preferred to be a sadhaka (one solely engaged in religious practices), leading ultimately to siddhi (the state of perfection and union with God). He confined himself in his room and continued his efforts to reach perfection. His endeavours met the first success while he got brahmajnan from Amarnath at a young age. Later on he got blessings from Bholanath and attained spiritual unity with him.

Though he was capable of initiating other people and of supporting disciples, he did not initiate anyone. He only made religious discourses with the people who met him. He was loved and adored by everyone who was left to tears on his early demise at early fifties. Achintya and his disciples were very close to him and enjoyed his company for prolonged hours, on and often.


Achintya Mukhopadhyay

Achintya Mukhopadhyay was a great scholar. He was a student of ramkrisna Sikhsalaya at narendrapur and later on of Kalyani Krisi Biswabidyalaya. He stood fist class first at his M.Sc. (Ag) at this university and got the gold medal. Then he started his Ph.D. work. At the same university under a famous professor. He came in contact with Bholanath at a tender age and was highly influenced by his teaching. He had also a close contact with Amarnath Sanyal, his neighbour who was a first regime devotee and disciple of Bholanath. He practised Swatah-yoga, the principle of which was laid in by his preceptor Bholanath and within a short time he could have many revelations. He continued his sincere efforts to be in a state of trans and get merged with God. By the grace of God and by the bliss of Bholanath, he could reach the most envied state of union with God and remained in that state till his early demise at fortyeight years of age (on 18th. March, 2002). He did not apply for or accept any service and was a bachelor till the end of his life. He only privately tutored schoolboys and schoolgirls to earn his sustenance.

He had a smiling face and a loving nature. De facto, he was saturated with love for the mankind. His heart was filled up with the milk of kindness for the poor and the distressed, particularly for those who were plunged in ignorance and nescience. He was loved and respected by many of his seniors and juniors. He initiated many men and women from different walks of life, who ultimately became his followers. His early demise brought them to tears. Before leaving the world for his heavenly abode, he gifted away his residential building and all his belongings to Swatah-yoga, a religious society formed by him. Later on, after his expiry, this society has been formally registered. Its members are engaged in preaching the teachings of Achintya Maharaj and his guru, Param Bholanath.