Bholanath Mukhopadhyay is known as 'MASTERMAHASAYA' (Teacher) in his circle of devotees. In real life, he was a teacher of Howrah Vivekananda High School. He was born in a pious family on 25th December, 1908 at Majia, Dist. Bankura, West Bengal, India.

Apparently, his life appears to be an uneventful one. He was far from any media glare. His spiritual life unfolded itself in various phases but only a select few knew that. His spiritual task was a daunting one. But he accomplished it, though he passed unnoticed. He behaved like a common man. He had the extraordinary capacity to conceal himself. Hardly anyone could even smell what he was.

He was every inch a divine soul, full of wisdom and love for mankind. His very birth is also a phenomenon. His new-born body was pronounced dead by two eminent doctors in succession. His grandmother prayed before Lord Bholanath of Irkona, Dist. Burdwan, West Bengal, India, for a pious grandchild and he was born after that. But when it so happened that he was declared dead by doctors, his grandmother offered in the place of worship of her house her heart-felt devotion to Bholanath of Irkona, saying :

"Oh Lord, you have given us the child. Take it back to you."

Immediately after that, the signs of life could be seen in the child. A series of divine manifestation continued in and around the house. In fact, Bholanath, the child, was in a state of trance at the time of his birth, miles away from any body-sense. So the sense of physical existence was badly lacking in the body. A trance of a very high order leaves one free from any body - sense. With perpetual union with divinity, the link with body remains in suspended animation. He was absorbed in cosmic realization since his birth.

Morning shows the day. He passed through different heights of excellence in the sphere of spirituality and came to the conclusion that to improve and remedy the situation of an ordinary man, the chanting of the name of Kali & Shiva (Kali, Kali, Kali, Shivaya Namah) works wonder, works out all solutions, so much so that, it is almost a panacea.

It is a tested truth that Bholanath has endowed this sound - wave (Kali, Shiva) with all the potentialities capable of revealing the highest spiritual ecstasy and enlightenment and glory. What strikes the keynote of his preaching is that the highest spirituality in every man What strikes the keynote of his preaching is that the highest spirituality in every man express itself automatically without any aid of formal schooling. For this, there is no need to take recourse to any stringent austerity. In modern age, anyone engaged in rat - race is hardly left with time to devote hours after hours in meditation or to confine oneself to any holy place for hours together. There is no need of that. The names of Kali and Shiva can be chanted anytime anywhere without adhering to any other system for attaining purity.

Purity in its essence comes your way in an automatic process set in motion by the grace of Bholanath, pure and simple. For this purpose, you are required to take shelter to Bholanath mentally. You need not rush to anyone else or to any other place. Be seated in your house or office or any place you may be in. Keep the name close to your heart. It will function like a guided missile. Realisation will well up from within. Revelation will spring from nowhere. Melancholy will be over. Stress and boredom will be things of the past. A brave, new life is in the wait for you. Cultivate the chanting of Kali & Shiva.

The style of functioning of Bholanath is new and unconventional.He has laid bare before humanity at large a new spiritual technology. His function is OM - oriented, OM - dominated, OM - prompted and OM - conducted. His is a soul mingled with infinite sound - wave OM and what always emanates from him is the sound - energy pervading the whole universe.

If you chant sincerely the name of Bholanath, Kali and Shiva, a synchronization of your soul with the highest sound - wave is imminent and once it takes place, the process of Realization and Revelation will go on uninterrupted.

It will enrich and ennoble your life and in fullness of time, the realization will dawn upon you that the purpose of your life has been achieved. It will enrich and ennoble your life and in fullness of time, the realization will dawn upon you that the purpose of your life has been achieved. It will enrich and ennoble your life and in fullness of time, the realization will dawn upon you that the purpose of your life has been achieved. It will enrich and ennoble your life and in fullness of time, the realization will dawn upon you that the purpose of your life has been achieved.

The Raj Yoga as propounded by Maharshi Patanjali demands a rigorous pursuit of control of mind. The Raj Yoga contained in the Bhagabad Gita (IXth chapter) does not spell out any strict code of conduct and automatic yoga as contemplated therein is achieved in a painless manner. The ease and spontaneity associated with this Automatic Yoga has been reflected in the expression:


Therefore real yoga has not perhaps much to do with tireless physical, mental or intellectual gymanastics. The Automatic Yoga unravels and exposes itself when the functioning of Bholanath's Om or Bholanath's main sound - wave comes down into the surface level of the person concerned.He, then, may have to pass through Yoga Mudra, that is the physical display of energy within by various types of the movement of the body at ease without asking. This movement happens to be rhythmic as it is in tune with the spiritual current generated by the energy radiated by the movement of Om, the cardinal and original sound - wave. In fact, Om is the driving force. That is the functional aspect of Om. The movement of body is rhythmic as it owes its origin to the rolling and resonance of Om.

Om is the original sound - wave, the direct and immeidate impact of which is so strong, vehement, overpowering and all - absorbing that human body can hardly stand it. It is too difficult to endure or grasp within the compass of the body, unless the body acquires the desired level of refinement. The frame - work of this body subjected to an automatic process through the chanting of names which renders the body suitable to absorb the radiation of Om. A long - drawn preparation is generally needed. Bholanath makes the process easy. No painstaking effort is called for. To make it suitable for one and all, the original sound - wave is diluted into 'seed - sound wave' or BIJ - MANTRA and further diluted into names, NAM - MANTRA, that is, the chanting of KALI & SHIVA. It is the magnetic OM - PERSONALITY of Bholanath that catches the devotee unaware and takes him to the height of OM through Nama Mantra in a process slowly but surely.

Everyone has free access to this Nama Mantra (Kali & Shiva), which in the course of time, gets transmuted automatically into seed - sound - wave e.g. Bija Mantra within and without (without any conscious effort) and at last into Om in its pristine glory within and without. It comes like a springing tiger, as if from nowhere, unpremeditated, unthought - of. The discovery sets the ball rolling and in mood of inebriation, you have nothing further to ask from life.

This course of bringing about transformation with free play of sound - wave opens up new vistas of refinement. And spirituality is refinement per excellence. And the journey from catering to concrete (material) needs to satisfaction of abstract needs is a continual process. When it starts, it continues without end, creating land - marks in spiritual progress.

Across down the ages, the discovery of the highest pleasure within serves as a beacon-light which is really a power - house to rescue mankind from pain and suffering and to lead him to peace, love and joy infinite.

It this Automatic Yoga, everything is positive and nothing negative.

Bholanath was a combination or a federation of knowledge, yoga and devotion. A man life Bholanath is found playing dual role so as to make himself understandable to many. In his outer manifestation, he was devotion per excellence. This Bholanath knew that people will be capable of attaining higher order of knowledge through initially the path of devotion would be most suitable.

Deep down in him, Bholanath was a vedantist, the very embodiment of knowledge which is called cosmic consciousness. He was fully aware that general people have an easy access to devotion or Bhakti whereas knowledge is beyond their reach. So he introduced the system of chanting the name of Kali & Shiva which creates a level playing field.

When the devotee is in the process of spiritual progress, he becomes gradually responsive to and receptive to higher form of knowledge that comes automatically.

Here lives the contribution of Automatic Yoga. Bholanath's real function in the inner recesses of mind & soul in the function of his sound - wave which is all - pervasive OM. Bholanath's Om is instrumental in bringing about drastic changes in the physical and mental plane.

Hatha - Yoga puts emphasis on the physical discipline which is conducive to mental discipline. Raj Yoga brings mental and psychological discipline into sharp focus, leading to automatic physical discipline.

But Bholanath's Automatic Yoga is an integration or synthesis of both Hatha Yoga and the Raj Yoga in the sense that all types of Yoga are at work in the mind and body automatically. Om need not get accustomed to any grammar of yoga. Bholanath as

OM - Incarnation functions from behind and all sorts of yoga come into play being instrumental in attaining realization, revelation and so on.

This Automatic Yoga leaves its mark on breathing and rhythmic movement of body which is called Yoga Mudra. For this, there is no need of initiation of formal school of Hatha Yoga or Raj Yoga.

But this Automatic Yoga is not an end in itself. It paves the way for the highest form of pleasure and knowledge.

Om- oriented, Om - conducted, Om - pompted change in the devotee makes him open to highest wisdom & highest devotion. Automatic yoga acts like a catalyst. With the aid of automatic yoga, the incessant showers of the atoms of consciousness form an integral part of the inexorable process of mingling with divinity.