Introduction of the new and easiest Technology of Religion by PARAM BHOLANATH who is MASTER MAHASAYA Bholanath Mukhopadhay.

Realisation and revelation forms the corner-stone of spiritual existence.

Realisation of divine presence in real life generally eludes the grasp of the common man because a man burdened with modern day problems is left with little time to follow the intricasies or complexities of “SADHANA” or capital and the like.

A new technology in religion has been evolved by Lord Bholanath. One need not pass through any formal initiation or any thing that goes by the name of DIKHSA in the conventional sense of term.

Simply by chanting the name of Kali and Shiva and by having recourse mentally to BHOLANATH, one can realise God. For this we need not take the trouble to go to any one or any where, with the chanting of the name of Kali and Shiva, BHOLANATH’S flow of energy emanating from his “OM” gradually goes deep down in the inner recesses of mind of one who chants the above names of Kali and Shiva. The latent energy in every man finds an outlet step by step. The Yogic process gets at work automatically and spontaneously, without any yogic practice. The Yoga Mudra or dance pattern woven in the nerve-centers displays itself. One starts seeing light and divine pleasure and ecstacy springs from within once this process starts, it continues without end.

Immortal quotations of Param Bholanath

Brahmagyan or cosmic consciousness can not be attained by sheer efforts, but sincere efforts can improve the state of being or existence. Brahmagyan is the highest achievement and it grows from within spontaneously which is gifted and not acquired, though it may come as a part of an inexorable process. An attainment of Brahmagyan, one feels like being in a vacuum or void is bliss itself.
I ask everyone to have Quinine mixture, that is the chanting of the name of “kali and Shiva”. Chant the name of kali for a while (“kali, kali, kali”) and then chant “Namaha shivaya”. The names may be repeated at your liking and convenience.
When the human brain gets rid of all sorts of pollution generated by Sanskar or brain impression, a man becomes aware of the nature of his true self. In an intense moment free from brain impressions or Sanskar he is in tune with the state of Nirveda when every thing in him mingles with the ultimate being.
When Swatah yoga expresses itself, all forms of yoga spring from the inner self automatically without any effort. Swatah yoga is unpremeditated. Thus what comes automatically is Raj yoga itself.
Hold on to Mother Kali, cosmic Mother and do not give up or do not give in. If you continue to attach yourself with Mother, you will attain, no doubt.


Lord Param Bholanath entered into his mortal frame of body on the holy day of 25th December, 1908, at village Mejia of Bankura district in West Bengal. Amarnath Mukhopadhyay, a pious man, was His father and His mother was holy Sarashibala Debi. He led the life of a teacher in a school of Howrah district, in the same state. As such, he passed by the name of “Mastermasai”.

The above statement gives only the commoner’s view about Him – it neither reveals His inner self nor the purpose for which He came to this world. He was in essence a manifestation of divinity in a human being. His purpose was to develop the latent spiritual qualities in the humanity.

His inner self was established in its full …

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What strikes the keynote of his preaching is that the highest spirituality in every man What strikes the keynote of his preaching is that the highest spirituality in every man express itself automatically without any aid of formal schooling. For this, there is no need to take recourse to any stringent austerity. In modern age, anyone engaged in rat – race is hardly left with time to devote hours after hours in meditation or to confine oneself to any holy place for hours together. There is no need of that. The names of Kali and Shiva can be chanted anytime anywhere without adhering to any other system for attaining purity.

Purity in its essence comes your way in an automatic process set in motion by the grace of Bholanath, pure and simple. For this …

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His Disciples

  • Achintya Mukhopadhyay

    Achintya Mukhopadhyay was a great scholar. He was a student of Ramkrisna Sikhsalaya at Narendrapur and later on of Kalyani Krisi Biswabidyalaya. …
  • Jibananda Mukhapadhyay

    Jibananda Mukhopadhyay held high post in the police department. He was an officer of IPS cadre. He came to Param Bholanath in his late fifties. …
  • Biswanath Bandyopadhyay

    Biswanath Bandyopadhyay was a police prosecutor. He worked at Banksal court in Kolkata. He was known to be a very honest officer. He came to Bholanath …

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